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Top Tax Courses Online To Improve Your Skills And Transform Your Income

There is a popular saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin that never goes old. “Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.” This statement means that some things in life can never be avoided, and tax is one of them. Learning with tax courses online can be one of the ways to prepare for this inevitable factor, but it goes beyond that.

Tax laws seem to get more complicated every year, which is not really a bad thing. You may be wondering why? Because it creates several opportunities for people to get meaningful jobs and make significant income, I mean those who become experts in taxation.

There are several tax courses online that can make you an expert. We have taken the time to select the best that cover important topics and niches, including tax preparation and personal finance. You can take these courses on Certifyible to build or improve your tax skills, continue your tax education, and start or grow your business.

If you have concerns about planning appropriately, you don’t have to worry because we can help you. Let’s start by looking at a few online taxes and accounting courses that can help you improve your current skill and knowledge level.

Top Tax Courses Online By Certifyible

Individual Tax Plan

This course can help both beginners and experienced tax preparers to advance their knowledge or careers in tax planning and respond to the needs of both existing and new clients. This way, you can help your clients save on their taxes by providing insightful advice and using your learned creative tax planning techniques. The course includes the latest strategies for building and conserving wealth from experienced tax professionals.

Course Contents:

  • Individual Tax Plan Overview
  • Why Clients Need Tax Planning
  • How to Start a Tax Plan
  • Top Tax Credits
  • Standard Deductions vs. Itemized Deductions
  • Lowering Your Property Taxes
  • High-Income Earner Tax Strategies
  • Final Assessment
  • Earn 5 CE Credits by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

This course teaches you the strategies you need to help your taxpaying clients while staying compliant and leveraging tax law strategies to legally pay the least taxes, sometimes even up to zero.

Virtual CFO Accelerator

This course can help you take your tax and bookkeeping firm a level higher and service your clients better. You’ll learn how to actively manage cash flow and handle key finances, budget planning, and operational metrics. You’ll also learn how to help your clients plan and manage their growth by providing high-level strategic advice and raising capital. It also includes step-by-step techniques to aid your clients in making strategic growth decisions to reach their goals.

You’ll be transformed into a true business leader who can confidently compete in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced finance world through the Virtual CFO Accelerator course.

The best part is that you can implement everything you learn in your firm to thrive, impact your income, and ultimately succeed. The skills you’ll be equipped with will make you the ‘go-to’ professional for advice and financial strategies to help businesses succeed.

Course Contents:

•  Virtual CFO Services Overview

•  Business Mapping

•  Interpreting & Advising Financial Statements

•  Project: Reinforce Your Interpreting & Advising Skills

•  Forecasting Cash Flow

•  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

•  Bonus: CFO Service Packages: $15,000+ Per Month

•  Your CFO Report: KPI Dashboard Overview

•  Bonus: On-Boarding Your First Virtual CFO Client

•  CFO Engagement Letter

•  Business Mapping Questionnaire

•  CFO Pricing Matrix

•  CFO Monthly Checklist

•  CFO Services Benefits List

•  Risk Management

•  Benchmarking

•  Cash Management

•  Banking Relationship

•  Final Assessment

•  Earn 1 CE Credit by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

Like a virtual CFO, you can help your clients take on more responsibilities. It could be as simple as looking for good insurance or as complex as pulling in connections and networks to access funding, equity funding, R&D tax incentive, and R&D forward financing.

Business Tax Plan Mastery

It is generally accepted that taxpayers should plan their tax matters properly to help them minimize their tax liabilities. This course is designed to teach you modern tax planning strategies and leverage the tax laws to help your clients legally cut down the amount of taxes they pay to a minimum amount and sometimes to zero.

This course will equip you with the skills to strategically plan business taxes to get optimal results while feeling confident knowing you can save your clients tens of thousands of dollars without breaking the tax codes.

Course Contents:

•  Why Tax Plan

•  The Tax Life Cycle of a Small Business

•  Business Structures Tax Pros Cons

•  Sole Proprietorship VS. Corporation

•  Putting Family to Work

•  Deductions, Credits, & Structuring

•  Tax Consequences of Life Events

•  Tax Plan Consultation

•  Final Assessment

•  Earn 8 CE Credits by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

So, if you’re looking towards a career change, a job in the financial-related sector, improve on your current knowledge or skills on taxation, looking to advise business clients, or become an experienced tax preparer who already manages tax planning and corporate compliance, this course is tailored made for you.

However, the prerequisite requires that you have at least a basic knowledge of individual income tax rules.

My Schedule C Course

This course is specifically tailored to your needs. It provides insight into Sch C sole proprietor tax law and how to correctly apply the rule to determine if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will probably view someone either as an independent contractor or as an employee. This course also covers how to file the Sch C form and who is required to file the form for a self-employed and small business income.

The My Schedule C course gives in-Depth advanced training on tax preparation and tax law for Schedule C. It contains detailed walkthroughs of tax preparation for business tax clients.

Course Contents:


•  Due Diligence Checklist

•  Pre Tax Preparation Checklist

•  Tax Preparation Overview (forms, instructions)

•  Sch C Review Checklist

•  Pricing Categories

•  Practice Returns

•  Tax Prep Walk Through

This course benefits experts new to sole proprietorship Schedule C, entry-level staff or tax preparers in organizations, seasoned professionals looking to refresh their knowledge, or with limited exposure to Schedule C.

Schedule C Tax Accelerator Course

Upon completing the Schedule C Tax Accelerator course, you’ll learn what this type of business entity represents, including the advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these will prepare you to tackle challenges while dealing with clients in the real world.

You’ll also learn the steps to set up and develop a sole proprietorship, including the basics of proper record-keeping and how long you’re expected to keep the records as a sole proprietor.

You’ll understand self-employment taxes, examples of Schedule C expenses, business use of your home, learn the different types of income earned by a sole proprietorship, the cost of goods sold, deductible expenses, vehicle expenses, and non-deductible expenses, inventory valuation, and uniform capitalization rules.

Course Contents:

•      Who Needs To File Schedule C?

•      Basic Information Needed To Start Schedule C

•      Schedule C Income

•      Non-Deductible Expenses

•      Deductible Expenses

•      Completing Schedule C

•      Vehicle Expenses

•      Cost Of Goods Sold

•      Self-Employment Taxes

•      Business Use Of Home

•      Estimated Tax

•      Example For Schedule C

•      Final Assessment

•      Earn 2 CE Credits by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

This advanced Schedule C Tax Accelerator Course covers everything you need to know about Schedule C from beginner to mastery level. By mastering Schedule C, you can confidently prepare individual returns while staying compliant and completing necessary due diligence requirements.

IRS Audit Mastery For Individual Course

If you want to learn how to handle IRS audits for individuals properly, the reason why the IRS audits a return, how the IRS select the returns to be audited, and how to confidently resolve issues and achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome, then this all-in-one IRS Audit Mastery For Individual Course is a must for you.

This course is the most comprehensive online course on IRS Audit for individuals. It is detailed, covering every strategy you need to assist your clients before, during, and after the IRS Audit. It also includes identifying and addressing errors during an audit and techniques to identify natural points where audits can be easily resolved.

Course Contents:

•  How someone is selected for an Audit

•  Is the IRS Auditing You?

•  Types of Audits

•  Responding to an IRS Audit

•  IRS Response

•  If you need more time

•  How many years can be Audited?

•  How long does the Audit Take?

•  What are the taxpayer’s rights?

•  How is the Audit Wrapped Up?

•  Who can represent a taxpayer?

•  Audit Workflow

•  Final Assessment

•  Earn 1 CE Credit by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

Note that if taxpayers fail to properly and proactively address an IRS audit, it might lead to civil tax penalties and, in severe cases, criminal tax penalties. This course is a top tax course critical to any taxpayer or you as their representative.

Bookkeeping Accelerator

One way to earn a decent income is by helping individuals and business owners perform bookkeeping for a fee. This bookkeeping course is designed to help you launch your career as a certified bookkeeper and equip you with a better understanding of how bookkeeping works.

You’ll learn all the principles used in bookkeeping, such as providing financial reports, income statements, basic accounting, cash flow statements, and many more to help you prepare to take on clients for bookkeeping services confidently.

Course Contents:

•  Accounts Debit Credit

•  Accounting Principles

•  The Balance Sheet

•  The Income Statement

•  The Cash Flow Statement

•  Reconciliation

•  Monitoring Cash Flow

•  Cleaning Up Client’s Books

•  Final Assessment

•  Earn 2 CE Credits by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.

It would help if you utilized addition and subtraction to learn the fundamentals and work your way through the accounting cycle. You’ll understand and apply all the basic terms and terminology by the end of this course. You’ll also learn to read and produce key financial statements to help your clients clean up their books.

Advanced Bookkeeping Mastery

This bookkeeping mastery course covers fundamentals, advanced and complex financial processes, and topics. This course will train and equip you with the latest bookkeeping skills that you can use to help your clients handle complex compliance work.

You’ll be able to complete financial statements for limited companies, correct accounting errors, recommend strategies for accounting systems, accounts payable, accounts receivable, depreciation, journal entries, and set up internal control and implement fraud preventive measures.

Course Contents:

•  Bookkeeping Overview

•  Accounts Debits & Credits

•  Accounting Principles

•  The Balance Sheet

•  The Income Statement

•  The Cash Flow Statement

•  Reconciliation

•  Monitoring Cash Flow

•  Cleaning a Client’s Books

•  Making Journal Entries

•  Accounts Receivable

•  Accounts Payable

•  Depreciation

•  Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

•  Inventory

•  Correcting Accounts Errors

•  Final Assessment

•  Earn 7 CE Credits by completing and passing the Final Assessment for this course.


Whether you’re a tax professional, a single employee, a business owner, or just new to this concept, tax preparation is nothing to be afraid of, even though it requires numbers and math. By enrolling in a top-rated tax course online, you’ll definitely be getting a foothold in the financial industry to either make a decent income or learn how to legally cut down your taxes and save some extra cash for yourself during tax seasons. With Certifyible, you can access one of the best and most affordable tax courses online.


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