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How to Use Facebook & LinkedIn Ads to get Tax & Accounting Clients

You can leverage Facebook and LinkedIn ads to get more clients for your tax and accountant business this year. 

Those ad campaigns can actually be with almost any social media platform out there. All you need to do is have the right approach on how to connect with your audience and build up value for your ideal tax and bookkeeping clients. 

Let’s talk about using Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns. 

In order to make those ad campaigns work, you need to follow a very specific format that takes your targeted client from the start to the finish of the marketing funnel in order to convert it into a client.

When doing an ad campaign, most people out there mainly promote themselves as specialists and their own skills. 

There is not a single word explaining what they can actually do for their clients, what value they can bring to these people.

What are the people getting out of these services? 

When you attempt to target people you don’t know you cannot rely just on your credentials or on the service you provide. The harsh reality is that they don’t care who you are, what certificates you have, and what experience you have.

They care what different services you provide. And most importantly, they can do what you can do to help them solve their problems.

When doing your Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns, you need to have a very specific call to action that entices your prospects to take a certain action. 

You need to recognize who your niche client is and you need to have a specific offer in place for them that is enticing enough for them to even engage with you. 

This is called the customer attraction method. 

You can do that by sharing a pdf filled with valuable information, you can create a free e-book with valuable tips, or even create video series or a podcast. 

Whatever you choose to offer you need to make sure that you are providing value to your target audience. That value can be exchanged for your prospect’s contact information, or for the chance to present them with your services. 

This is what you should promote with your Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns – a perceived value.

Because it’s very hard to run an ad campaign to a complete stranger and offer them a service and just say “Hey, I’m a specialist, become my client and pay me money!”  

You have to position yourself as an expert in your field in order to create a successful ad campaign. 


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